2016 Bike Swap volunteer list, jobs, and schedule

2016 Bike Swap Volunteers and Schedule

If you can no longer work your shift or need to make a change please call
Dylan Taylor at 434-962-1219.

If you volunteered last year please wear your gold GVBC hat if you have one. New volunteers will get new hats. We use the hats to identify volunteers.

3:45pm – 7:30pm  Sale item runner  Layout and set up of sales items
Ray Rasker, Matthew Thomsen,  Jeff Johnson,  Anna Galindo,  Rob Knapp,  Frieda Johnson,  Brian Swenson, Larry Newman, Greg Johnson,  Branham Snyder

3:45pm – 7:30pm  Security  Direct consigners to proper stations
Albert Pendergrass,  Jessica Putzier,  Betsy Cordes,  Bill Gasteyer

3:45pm – 7:30pm  Tech Support (12)  Assist consigners with pricing, etc
 John Barton,  George Thompson,  Chris Newman,  Mike Kautz,  Randall Lundgren,  Patrick Wessel,  Doug Fletcher,  Kevin Jacobsen,  Aaron Davis (can help a few hours), Shawn Regnerus,  Lucian Hand,  Kristen Bryson,

3:45pm – 7:30pm  Table and consignment form help (12)  Help consigners with forms
Rachel Rockafellow, dave cary,  Gene Goldenfeld,  Megan Regnerus, (can be there by 4),  Laurel Angell, Tasha Patrin,  Craig Simcox (by 3:45),  Cole Simcox,  Julie Geddes,  Jean MacInnes,  Adam Griffith,  Jennifer Rockne

4:15pm – 7:30pm  Data Entry (6) Enter consignment information in data base
Wendy Gerez,  Bridget Hoopes,  susan nickelson (2), Susan and James,  Katie Renwick,  Brenda Hegel

7:00am – 9:00am  Volunteer Sign in (3)  Sign in volunteers and help with membership
Roberta Ennis,  Joey Morrison,  Kristi Campbell

7:15am – 11:15am  Sales check out (10)
Rachel Rockafellow,  Rick Dendinger,  Roberta Ennis, Diane O’Connor McNair,  Cynthia Zullo, Nicole Jabaut,  Stephen Ellis, indsay Turnquist, Trina Wolf,  Bree Hogg,

7:15am – 1:00pm  Tech support (10) Assist buyers
Ray Rasker, Matthew Thomsen,  Michael O’Shea,  Jerry Coffey,  Steve Jackson,  George Thompson,  Robert Ballard,  Brenda Hegel,  Larry Newman,  Kyle Reeping

7:30am – 1:15pm  Security (12) Sales security and monitor test rides
glenn Monahan,  David Boggeman,  (at 8:30),  Peter McNair (leave at 11:30),  Phil Knight,  Don Funke,  Peter Brown,  Carole Brennan,  Tim Foote,  Dave Roberts

7:45am – 1:30pm  Data Entry (5)
Pat Goede, Kim Popham, Nikki Buck, Ryan Buck

11:00am – 3:00pm  Sales and unsold items checkout
Rachel Rockafellow,  Dale /Anne Olson,  Sarah Alexander  (will be there at 12:30),  Cindy Zullo,  Carissa Aarsvold, Tera L

1:00pm – 3:00pm   Tear down and clean up
Ray Rasker, Bruce Anderson, Adrienne and Ryan Huckabond,  Dave Roberts,  Ben Alexander