Bike Advocacy

The Gallatin Valley Bicycle Club is dedicated to providing cycling activities that promote recreation, individual health, education, and advocacy and encourage a more bicycle friendly community in the Gallatin Valley. As well, the Club supports shared-use trails in appropriate and accessible locations.

Feel free to suggest your ideas for GVBC’s involvement!

“Rules of the Road” – Bike safety tips from GVBC

As spring comes to Montana here are a few things to remember as you break out your bikes for the season.

  • Cyclists are required to follow the same rules as other vehicular traffic on public roadways!
  • Stop at stop signs, signal your movements, don’t pass on the right (except in designated zones), and DON’T ride on the sidewalk!
  • Current Montana law states cyclists must ride as far to the right as “possible”. This does leave some room for interpretation, but a good recommendation is that you ride in the area 8-10″ out from the white line. This stakes your claim to the lane while keeping you out of the trash zone at the edge of the road. Moving as far to the right as you can invites “lane sharing” by motorists, and can create dangerous situations.

Always remember: Even if you have the right of way, or are “in the right” we don’t have the laws of tonnage on our side. Vehicles weigh 20 times what we do, and you can’t rely on the judgment of others!

Share the Road license plates now available!

Show your support for safe cycling and pedestrian policy and infrastructure in Montana and support Bike Walk Montana at the same time. Consider getting this plate when your vehicle license comes up for renewal this year.

license plate 2015


Below is information on local Advocacy Groups:

Bozeman Area Bicycle Board (BABAB)

The Bozeman Area Bicycle Board (BABAB) operates in an advisory capacity to the City Commission in matters relating to enhanced bicycle circulation, community-wide bicycle education and safety programs, and other matters relating to bicycling in the Bozeman area.

Montana Mountain Bike Alliance

Montana Mountain Bike Alliance’s goal is to preserve, protect, and promote mountain bike access and diverse riding opportunities on Montana’s public lands through education, communication, and unified action. Visit their website at:

The Bozeman Bike Kitchen

The Bozeman Bike Kitchen is a cooperative cycling center dedicated to making the use of bicycles as transportation and fun possible for all members of the Bozeman community. Check out the Bozeman Bike Kitchen at:

Other Advocacy Related Websites

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