2024 Summer Training Series

There is no race series fee or preregistration for any of the series events but you are required to be a member of the GVBC to participate. There will not be any paper day-of/paper form registration, however, you may become a GVBC member using the link below. You must do this online BEFORE any event.

Ride with us on Tuesday nights!

Tues May 21, 6:30pm – Churchill/Amsterdam Gravel Circuit
(If conditions not conducive for gravel we will be on the Road Churchill/ Amsterdam circuit)
Start:Corner of Dyk Rd and Amsterdam Rd.
Approx distance: Loop is 5.5-6 miles

Tues June 4, 6:30pm – Hyalite Uphill TT  Road Ride (mass start or interval start- TBA)
Start: Hyalite Welcome Center parking lot, approx 2miles in from 19th
Approx distance: 10 miles

Tues June 18, 6:30pm – Norris 2 Lap Circuit Road Ride
Start: Parking area on the south side of Norris Rd at River Rd
Approx distance: 25 miles

Tues July 9, 6:30pm – Jackson/Stubler Road Ride
Start: Red Schoolhouse at corner of Jackson Creek and Vista Dr.
Approx distance: 27 miles

Tues July 23, 6:30pm – Gallatin Gateway Gravel Ride
Start: Parking area on the south side of Norris Rd at River Rd
Approx distance: the loop portion is 5 miles – depends on how many?

Tues Aug 6, 6:30pm – Jackson Creek Road Ride
Start: 1/4 mile on Jackson Creek Rd from Bridger Canyon Rd (where the old schoolhouse was that burned down)
Approx distance: 24 miles

Sat Aug 24, 8am – Bridger Century Road Ride, details TBA
Start: Uphill Pursuits Parking Lot, 211 E Oak St
There are 2 ride options to choose from, one shorter than the other.
87 mile course: Bridger Canyon-Sedan-Clyde Park-Brackett Creek Rd-Bridger Canyon-Uphill Pursuts
105 mile course: Bridger Canyon- Sedan-Clyde Park-Livingston-Jackson Creek-Bridger Canyon-Uphill Pursuits

Questions? Contact: Betsy Cordes bikeskibets@gmail.com cell: 605-641-8084