GVBC Sponsored Rides

GVBC offers several riding options, including day tours, a brevet series, an annual century ride, mountain bike rides, and children’s/family rides.

Day Tours

GVBC organizes non-competitive day tours around the Bozeman area. Monthly tours take place either on Saturday or Sunday. Tours are open to riders of all abilities, and although most of the tours are on roads, any type of bike can be ridden (mountain bikes, cross bikes, etc). See the Day Tours page for information on dates, times, distances, locations, etc.  We hope to see you out there on some of our tours!

Brevet Series

This series consists of randonneuring events, called brevets (pronounced bruh-vey). See the Brevet Series page for more information on these rides.

Three Rivers Century

GVBC hosts an annual century ride. The Three Rivers Century rides by the Gallatin, Jefferson and Madison Rivers, and takes place at the end of August. Riders have the option of riding the full century, a metric century, a 1/3 century, or a gravel grinder. SAG support is provided on all 3 rides, as well as pre-ride breakfast, lunch, post-ride ice cream, and snacks at all rest stops. Come out and join us for the Three Rivers Century!

Mountain Bike Rides

Group mountain bike rides are planned by the mountain biking branch of GVBC, The Dirt Concern. See The Dirt Concern website, or the Mountain Bike Rides page for information and schedule.

Children’s/Family Rides

For families with younger children, GVBC offers children’s/family rides. These rides take place on the town bike paths, and are aimed for children up to 10 years old. See the Children’s/Family page for information and schedule.

Other Rides

We list non-GVBC sponsored rides on our website as well. If you have a ride you would like posted on our Weekly Rides, Regional Rides or Events Calendars, write to us at gvbcbike@gmail.com.

Weekly Rides

If you are looking for weekly riding opportunities around Bozeman (these rides generally take place on weekday evenings), check out our Weekly Rides page.

Rides around the Region

For out of town rides and other events around the state, see our Regional Rides page. These are also listed on our Events Calendar.