2020 Montana Brevet Series

For those who might want to dip a toe into the Ultra-Distance pool, those who need some serious base miles for an upcoming race, tour, or charity ride, or those simply looking for a new way to push themselves beyond what they ever thought was possible, randonneuring is the sport for you! For 2020 we are hosting 3 events.

These randonneuring events follow the same rules and traditions of epic randonees like Paris-Brest-Paris. Each rider is given a brevet card that must be stamped at checkpoints along the way. The rides are non-competitive and you don’t have to be fast to finish on time.

Randonneuring is a cycling tradition that started in France and Italy over 100 years ago, and now these types of rides are held all over the world. All the information regarding the rides can be found at   http://sites.google.com/site/montanarando/Home

Click here for more information or Contact Jason Karp  belgradebobcat@msn.com 406-599-2897.

Full Brevet Series 

A full brevet (pronounced bruh-vey) can consist of a  200K, 300K, 400K, 600K, and 1000K distance. This year we will be hosting only 3  2 of these rides in various locations around Montana.

(Start locations and routes subject to change depending on things like road construction)

 DATE                 DISTANCE
CANCELLED May 2                      200K
June 6                     300K
July 7                   1000K