Ride through beautiful seed potato country on our Tour de Spud or Tour de Tater Tot Ride

Both rides will depart at 9:00 AM from the Dry Creek Bible Church parking lot (right side, of church). Although there are no bathrooms for us at the church, the fishing access just before Manhattan has a pit toilet or you can continue to the gas station just off the interstate in Manhattan, as we ride past it.

The Tour de Spud  route this year should help with increased traffic in the Valley.  If it seems too difficult to follow, we suggest you either print out the map and cue sheet before you go, and make a trial run in your car. Also, most cyclists can download the Ride with GPS program into their bike computer and just follow the directions.

We start on Dry Creek Road and ride to Manhattan first, cross the tracks and head for the Interstate (where you will see a gas station on the right in case you need more coffee or a pit sop). Continue toward Churchill but make a right onto Stagecoach just before the road makes a sharp left. The next left turn will direct you toward the cute little town of Amsterdam. In other years we regrouped at the store but it is closed now so we continue on to the town of Churchill. Pass through Churchill and ride the rolling hills to the Norris Highway. Time spent on the Norris Highway is relatively short as River Road arrives soon (just past the golf course) on the left. Cruising down River Road toward Belgrade has just enough slope so one can really pick up the speed! Our cue sheet takes you right on Cameron Bridge Road and turns left on Thorpe Rd (at about 34 miles). Turn left onto Amsterdam road and follow the bike path on the North side of the road until you come to Royal road.  Continue on Royal until you can turn left onto Thorpe road again. Thorpe will bring you to the frontage road where you turn left, and after 0.1 mile you turn right and follow Central Park Rd to Dry Creek. Make a right on Dry Creek RD and follow it back to your car.

Map: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/42100113

The Tour de Tater Tot offers a couple of nice shortcuts. You can duplicate the longer route going out Dry Creek Road but turn left when the road out of Manhattan going toward Churchill makes a sharp left (don’t go to Amsterdam). Follow the road into Churchill. Turn left immediately after leaving Churchill (the first left) where the road goes up a short hill–Cameron Bridge Road. The route is the same after this point as the longer route but is a total of about 37 miles. This is a great ride for beginners since it skips the steeper hills around Amsterdam as well as the hills before the Norris Highway.

Map: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/42100162

Please print out the cue sheets if unfamiliar with the route or contact   Jason  406.599.2897,  belgradebobcat@msn.com
To speed things up at registration, join GBVC online at the top of the home page.

Also, you can meet us at Bar 3 BBQ restaurant (right by the Fire station) after the ride for lunch and beer.